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Over the years, the staff at Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. has come to understand their customers needs by really listening to them and responding effectively.. The emphasis is always on customer satisfaction to the highest possible level and on raising that bar higher to secure clients on long-term in order to favor profitable partnerships. Consequently, every mile and every on-time delivery achieved, equivocates to the company’s mission and the people at Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. share only one vision: they all work for the same person: the client.


With the continued prosperity of the company, Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. was able to relocate in newer facilities in the industrial sector of Saint-Hubert on the south shore of Montreal. The premises now allow closer proximity to major Routes 30 and 10 with nearby access to the Champlain Bridge which is an advantage for the carriers. The new place includes a warehouse facility offering cross-docking, with loading and unloading docks. The site selection is in sync with the geographical strategy of the enterprise.


The transport industry no longer holds any secrets from Donald Gravelle, currently president and proprietor of Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. has distinguished itself among the arena’s biggest players in spite of the fierce competition and the current economy’s unpredictability.

As president, Mr. Gravelle is recognized as a survivor against wind and tide, molding himself into the kind of Quebec entrepreneur with the insatiable ability to convey his passion for the industry. He quickly understood the importance of being proactive and reactive in order to assure the continued success of the company. As such, his leadership style is embraced by his employees who share his vision.

In spite of the current global economical situation and the gradual recovery of the American economy, Mr. Gravelle is making every effort to leave no stone unturned. To increase his share of the market on the international scene, he has even added new sales agents to harmonize with the company’s objectives.

Undeniably, Mr. Gravelle remains a mobilizing force at Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. With solid and loyal partnerships, motivated and qualified personnel that share his passion for the industry, he remains confident to lead the company on an unceasing journey to building a network of strategic partnerships on the local, national and international scene.