Transport broker Montreal Canada


One phone call to Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. and you are instantly in good hands for all your transport logistical concerns. You will not have to deal with an automated service but rather with a real person at the other end of the line, a top-notch professional who is trained to respond to your shipping needs

We strive together to offer unrivalled services. Trust us and you will have peace of mind. This is our commitment to you!

The following are services we provide


Road transportation

You need to ship industrial products, consumer goods or bulk merchandises, are road transportation services are:

  • TL & LTL loads;
  • Dry van;
  • Temperature controlled cubed vans with reefer;
  • Flatbed, drop-decks;
  • Wide loads;
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Container;
  • Warehousing;
  • Consolidation;


For your long distance shipments, it is an excellent choice because of its economical value as you will avoid traffic jams, loss of time, etc. One train wagon alone can contain 2 or 3 transport shipments representing significant savings and environmental advantages. Intermodal services are also available for when 2 or more modes of transportation are required to achieve your shipment from point of origin to point of destination. We can coordinate and facilitate the transportation of your goods and assure you of a constant follow-up while they are in transit and you will be kept informed as to its progress right up to its destination.



For transcontinental destinations, cargo planes are certified and subject to periodical and controlled inspections with specialized personnel for handling shipments; the most obvious advantage is the rapid delivery of goods which allows customers’ operational schedules to meet critical deadlines. At Ronald Jolicoeur Inc. our commitment is to deliver on-time and on schedule.



We offer our expertise should you consider shipping overseas; this particular mode of transportation is secure and any imaginable product you need to ship, will journey safely from port of origin to port of destination. To grasp a better picture of the impact this service bears, imagine that one cargo vessel alone can carry sufficient wheat to supply the entire population of New York in bread for one whole month. This is significantly cost effective. A rigorous follow-up of your goods is assured throughout the transatlantic journey so that you will be kept informed of the status of your shipment at all times.